Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy is irrigation of the large intestine using sterile, filtered, warm water.  The irrigation of water facilitates peristalsis which is the coordinated movement of the muscles surrounding the colon, helping to remind the muscle how to work.  It also removes stagnant fecal material from the colon wall.  This stagnant fecal material may lead to Dysbiosis (an imbalance of intestinal bacteria), fermentation and putrefaction.

Besides removing fecal material, a colonic helps to remove bacterial toxins in the lymphatic system leading to the liver; decrease toxic burden; improve the immune system; and remove mucous, gas, parasites, cellular debris, and food allergens.  The removal of mucous plugs and other impactions allows increased absorption of nutrients.  It can also stimulate the gallbladder to release bile which expedites removal of toxins such as pesticides and heavy metals.  Because the large intestine is responsible for water re-absorption, a colonic can also help re-hydrate a patient.
At 3 Rivers Health Center we use the “Angel of Water” colon hydrotherapy system. It’s beautiful aesthetics invite the client to enjoy a pleasant and comfortable reclining chair experience   lasting approximately 30-40 minutes.  Clients are continually amazed at the ease, modesty and safety of each Angel of Water session.  Clients appreciate the effectiveness, it’s ease of use and safety features.  The Angel of Water is quiet, sanitary, odorless, and FDA approved.

What is the difference in a colon cleanse and an enema? The colon is approximately five to six feet long. To clean out the lower part of the colon, enemas will suffice. But, that leaves about four feet of colon! Laxatives interfere with other digestive processes higher up in the Alimentary Tract and are not only irritants to the body, but the colon can become rather dependent upon them; when used, a thin, watery substance is produced that goes through the colon leaving behind impacted toxins and waste.

What can I expect after my colon hydrotherapy session?  Most people will feel lighter and less bloated immediately.  Many people will feel an abundance of energy.  You may feel the need to use the restroom more often that day but you should have no problems.
How often will I need to have colon hydrotherapy?  Most doctors will prescribe a series of cleanses from 3 to 12 times over a period of time, depending on your condition.  We offer a variety of packages to give our patients discounts on multiple sessions.  A great way to maintain a healthy system is to have at least 1-3 colon cleanses with every change of season.

This does not sound like fun.  Honestly, how bad is it?  Great question.  When you come in we will help you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible.  You are never exposed with our Angel of Water System and you are always in control.  The nozzle we use is smaller than a pencil and is only inserted about 1 1/2 inches.  Most people cannot even feel it.  Check out our u-tube video clip on the colon hydrotherapy page.
Do I have to have someone in the room with me? Isn’t it embarrassing? Though we endorse a colon hydro therapist being with you to provide the best session, on the open-system you can have time alone once you understand the process of “holding and pushing” the water. At all times, your dignity is always maintained and your privacy respected. Also, the FDA Registered Colon Hydrotherapy device contains a fan that pulls any odor right down the drain. So there is no odor!

Is it painful? There should be no pain involved; only a slight discomfort like gas or constipation as the impacted colon contracts to eliminate. After this, sessions can be quite relaxing.

How long is each session?  One hour is allotted for each session. Before your first session, a brief health history needs to be filled out and reviewed by the Colon Hydro therapist; so please allow extra time accordingly. If you require more time in the bathroom getting undressed or ready for your session, you should plan on arriving earlier as needed. Also, for people with special needs that may require additional assistance in getting on the colonic table, for example, individuals that are paralyzed, please let the staff know when scheduling your appointment as clients are scheduled on the hour.