28 Day Reboot
The 28 Day Reboot class has been designed to integrate and rejuvenate all aspects for body mind and spirit. When one eats clean foods, removes toxins, adds nutritional building blocks, establishes gentle physical movement, and releases mental emotional blocks, one can elevate one’s wellness, lose weight, balance hormones, and eliminate painful and chronic disease states.
Every 4 Days we will be eliminating on one to two food groups that consistently cause hormone imbalance and create toxic waste build-up. As we eliminate the different food groups the body will be allowed to clean out and then reboot function.
This class also incorporates Tia Chi and Yoga as gentle, however highly effective body movement and flow. The third and final aspect deals with the mind and the emotional connection to our bodies. Limiting beliefs and/or toxic emotional thinking can create blockages which can stop weight loss, cause physical pain, and decrease our ability to enjoy life.

Join us for this life transforming event for 2019.
$360 per person, $45 per class prepaid only. Class starts January 14th and ends before Valentine’s Day. Class schedule is: January 14th, 18th, 22nd, 26th, 30th, February 4th, 8th, and 12th, 6 pm to 8 pm.
Located in the Rodgers building 380 B Street, Suite 111, in downtown Idaho Falls.
As an added bonus Dragonfly Wellness is offering, for class participants only, a nutritional assessment with AO Scanner for $25 a $240 value. The Scan will allow you to have a base line for your nutritional profile. This is an additional cost to the regular $360 for the class. It is not mandatory for class participation.

Class includes one Kle-N-Cel tincture, for the heavy-metal/ plastics cleanse, and CAC Tea for liver/intestinal tract cleanse. Menus suggestions are included for each class.
An additional 20 % off on all other services at 3 River Health Center, Golden Compass, and Aloha Face and Body during the time of the class for the class participants.


Please download and print for your records